Terms of Service

Human Made., Ltd. (“Human Made,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) hereby stipulates these terms of service (these “Terms”) regarding the service provided on its websites and mobile sites (including https://humanmade.ltd/ ; hereinafter the “HUMAN MADE® ONLINE STORE”) (the “Service”), as follows .

Article 1 Scope of Application of these Terms
These Terms apply to Human Made ltd and its customers (meaning the users of our Service such as those who browse, and purchase items through, the HUMAN MADE® ONLINE STORE) in connection with the provision and use of the Service. Any services that we may provide other than the Service shall be subject to the terms of those services separately provided by us, and not subject to these Terms unless separately provided in the terms of the relevant services.

Article 2 Amendments to the SE Terms
1. Human Made May Amend The THESE TIME TIME TIME in Eith Eith Eith Eith Eith Eith Eith Echlowing Casses. d Use of The Service After the Amendments Subject to the Amended Terms: (1) The Relevant Amendment Conforms to the Interest of The Customers; The Relevant Amendment De Run Afoul of the Purpose of the Contract, and it is Reasonable in Light of the Circumstance Concerning The Amendment Suk As the Necessity of the Amendment, The App Ropria Tenses of the Details of the Amended
2. When amending these Terms, we will determine the effective date and notify its customers of the amended Terms and the effective date in advance via announcement or notice by posting on our website, email or other means that we deem appropriate.

Article 3 Use of the Service
1. Customers shall use the Service after accepting, and in accordance with, these Terms.
2. Customers who are minors shall obtain the consent of their legal representative before using the Service.

Article 4 Customer Registration 1. Before using the Service, customers shall register as a user through the Service. Upon registration, customers are requested to carefully read the instructions and correctly enter the required information into the prescribed entry form. After receiving and approving a customer registration application, we will send a registration confirmation email and register the applicant as a customer when the customer receives the email. by
the Customer Registration Applicant contains any false information ;

(2) the Customer Registration Applicant is a minor and has applied for customer registration without the consent of their legal representative; (3
) the Customer Registration Applicant has been subject to measures such as suspension or revocation of their customer qualification of any of our services in the past; (4) the Customer Registration Applicant is an
Anti-social Force defined in Article 18

Article 5 Management of Log-in Information
1. Customers shall be responsible for strictly managing their email addresses and passwords (“Log-in Information”).
2. Customers shall not loan, transfer, trade, or disclose their Log-in Information to or with any third parties nor shall they share any Log-in Information for use with any parties. 3. We identify third customers by our prescribed methods using the entered Log-in Information. party uses a customer’s Log-in Information due to a cause attributable to Otsumo
4. Where a customer finds any unauthorized use of their Log-in Information by any third party, the customer shall immediately notify us and follow our instructions, if any

Article 6 Change of Registered Information
A customer whose address, name, telephone number or other information registered with Human Made ltd has changed in whole or in part must immediately update the registered information by the procedure separately prescribed by us. Human Made accepts no liability for any damage arising from failure to update any registered information, unless there is a cause attributable to Human Made ltd.

Article 7 Purchase of Items
1. Customers may order items using the Service in accordance with the procedure separately prescribed by Human Made ltd.
2. A sales agreement for any items between Human Made ltd and a customer shall be effected when Human Made ltd sends an order acceptance notice in response to the order set forth in the preceding paragraph. 3. Title for all items shall pass to the customer upon us delivering those items to the carrier. in advance that the delivery may be subject to delay due to the delivery zone or

Article 8 Payment Method
1. The amount payable for items will be the total of the purchase price of the items, including consumption and local consumption taxes, the delivery charge, and handling fees (which may include customs duties or other expenses depending on the delivery destination). 2. Customers may pay for the items purchased using the Service only by credit card held in their name, or by the payment method separately approved by us. credit card company shall be responsible for resolving any and all disputes that may arise between both parties in connection with the customer’s use of the credit

Article 9 Termination of Agreement
1. In any of the following events, we may terminate the sales agreement for items with a customer:
(1) the customer is in a breach of any of these Terms;
(2) the relevant item is out of stock and cannot be easily delivered; (
3) the relevant item cannot be delivered due to an unknown delivery address or the extended absence of the recipient(unless there is a cause possibly to Human Made ltd); or (5) a minor has purchased the item without the approval of their legal representative
2. Customers consent in advance that: they shall pay any refund charges for refunds that may be paid to them by Human Made ltd, or the shipping fees for their return of any items to Human Made ltd as a result of termination pursuant to any item in the preceding paragraph (excluding those pursuant to item (2)); and if Human Made ltd pays any of the foregoing, Human Made ltd may charge the customers for such amount.

Article 10 Cancellation of Order; Returns and Replacements
1. Customers shall neither cancel their orders, nor shall they return or request replacements of any items once purchased, except for defective or wrong items. 2. Upon receipt of a defective or wrong item, the customer shall notify us by phone or email within 30 days of its arrival. with the delivery statement of
the relevant item.
3. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, customers are prohibited from purchasing items for resale or for other profit purposes (see Article 14, item (8)), and we will not replace or pay refunds for (1) items purchased for any such purpose or (2) items actually offered for resale.
4. If a customer returns any item to us without a justifiable reason (including, without limitation, a return of an item other than a defective or wrong item as provided in paragraph 2, or a customer’s refusal or inability to receive an item), or if a customer’s personal property is included together with the item that the customer returns to us, we will notify the customer without delay upon receipt of the item(s) and request their instructions for its retrieval withing a reasonable period. item(s), we will deliver it on an as-is basis and Human Made ltd accepts no liability for damages, compensation, reimbursement or otherwise in connection with the condition of the item(s) (including, without limitation, deterioration, deformation, wear and tear, damage and corrosion),except where there is a cause attributable to Human Made ltd.
5. If there are no instructions from the customer within a reasonable period under the preceding paragraph, we may deem that the customer has waived their title or other rights with respect to the item(s), and may destroy or otherwise dispose of the item(s) at our discretion.

Article 11 Deletion of Registration 1. A registered customer
wishing to delete their registration must personally perform the deletion procedure separately designated by Otsumo .

Article 12 Suspension of Access to the Service; Revocation of Customer Registration, and Duty of Indemnification
1. If in Human Made ltd judgment a specific customer meets any of the following conditions, we may, without giving advance notice or demanding remedy in advance, suspend the customer’s access to the Service or revoke the qualification of the customer: (1) the customer provides false information in their customer registration application; (3) the customer engages in wrongdoing when using the Service; (4) a minor register as a customer or uses the Service without the consent of
their legal
representative ;

(5) the customer has been subject to measures such as suspension of use or revocation of their customer qualification of any of our services in the past; (6) the customer obstructs operations of Otsumo; (7) the customer is an Anti-social Force (including a breach of Article 18); (8) the customer otherwise breaches or may breach any law, regulation or these Terms; of Human Made ltd taking any action under the preceding paragraph, Human Made ltd accepts no liability for damages, compensation, reimbursement or otherwise, unless there is a
Human Made ltd
3. If Human Made ltd or any third party incurs damage as a result of a customer falling under any item of paragraph 1 through his or her intentional or negligent conduct, the customer shall be liable to compensate for the damage.

Article 13 Handling of Registered Customer Information
Human Made ltd will handle customers’ information in accordance with the separately stipulated by Human Made ltd.

Article 14 Prohibited Activities
Customers shall not engage in any of the following activities:
(1) acts in breach of any law or regulation, these Terms, or other terms of Human Made ltd; (
2) acts or possible acts of infringement such as concerning rights, interests, or reputation of other customers or a third party; (3) acts disturbing or potentially disturbing
Human Made ltd or other customers; (4) acts
in breach or potential breach of public order and morals; ( 6) acts damaging or potentially damaging the trust held by others in Human Made ltd; (7)
acts of placing excessively large orders at one time;

(8) acts of purchasing items for resale or for other profit purposes through the Service;
(9) acts of entering information including false or misleading content; (
10) acts of purchasing items under a false identity; (11)
acts of sending harmful computer programs or emails to, or writing them into, HUMAN MADE® ONLINE STORE; (12) acts of unauthorized access
to servers or other computers of Human Made ltd; (14) acts of unjustly applying for or holding multiple customer registrations; (15)
acts damaging or deteriorating the trust held by others in Human Made ltd ;

(16) Other acts that Human Made ltd reasonably deems are inappropriate.

Article 15 Suspension or Termination of the Service
In order to maintain constant favorable conditions for the customers’ use of the Service, Human Made ltd may, without prior notice, suspend or terminate the Service in part or in full if required for scheduled or unscheduled system maintenance, if the system is subject to load concentration, if Human Made ltd deems that the Service operations may be obstructed, or if required to ensure the security of customers or Human Made ltd otherwise deems it necessary. any of the above, unless there is a cause attributable to Human Made ltd.

Article 16 Disclaimer
1. Human Made ltd accepts no liability such as for any damage, losses, or disadvantages suffered by any customer directly or indirectly in connection with the Service due to system suspension, delay, stoppage, data loss, or unauthorized access to data owing to natural disaster, power failure, or breakdown of a communication line or computer, or due to other cause not attributable to Human Made ltd in connection with the customer of the Service. own responsibility and expense, and shall not cause any damage, loss or other disadvantage to Human Made ltd.
3. Human Made ltd offers no warranty that the content of the information provided such as on its website or by email is accurate, current, useful, reliable or otherwise. 4. Human Made ltd may, without prior notice, change or suspend the structure, conditions of use, URL, content and other elements of its website. 5. Human Made ltd accepts no liability for any damage that arises to any customer or any third parties due to the customer’s breach of these Terms or other terms of Human Made ltd. is unknown, Human Made ltd will perform and be exempted from its obligation by handling the affairs in accordance with the information registered by
7. If Human Made ltd accepts liability, the scope is limited to direct and general loss or damage that customers may actually incur, within the limit of the amount equal to the price of the relevant item, unless the cause is attributed to Human Made ltd intentional or grossly negligent conduct.

Article 17 Intellectual Property Rights
1. All rights (including, without limitation, copyrights, trademark rights, and all other intellectual property rights, ownership rights, portrait rights, and publicity rights) related to any terms, images, designs, or other contents or data used in the Service belong to Human Made ltd or other legitimate rights holders, and customers shall not engage in any act that infringes on any of these rights. customer shall resolve the problem at their own responsibility and expense and hold Human Made ltd harmless from any damage, loss, or disadvantage, except where there is a cause attributable to Human Made ltd

Article 18 Elimination of Antisocial Forces
1. Customers undertake the following:
(1) that they do not have any ties with an organized crime group, an organized crime group member, an organized crime group-associated company or organization, corporate extortionist (sokaiya), rogue person or group proclaiming itself as a social or political activist (shakai undo/seiji undo hyobo goro), organized special intellectual crime group (tokushu chinou boryoku shudan), any other persons considered to be analogous to any of the above, or a member of any of the above (an “Antisocial Force”), nor will they fall within the category of Antisocial Forces in the future;
(2) that they do not, and do not cause any third parties to, engage in violent acts, fraudulent or threatening acts, obstruction of business, or other illegal acts against Human Made ltd; and (3) that they do not allow any Antisocial Forces to use their names, nor do they use the Service for the benefit of Antisocial Forces. the sales agreement for the relevant items with the customer, revoke his or her customer registration, or take any other measures stipulated in these
3. Customer shall indemnify Human Made ltd for any damage that it may incur as a result or in connection with a breach of any of their undertakings in paragraph 1.

Article 19 Severability
If any provision of these Terms or any part of the provision is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable by any law, regulation, administrative notice, or otherwise, the remaining provisions of these Terms and the remaining part of the relevant provision shall remain in effect.

Article 20 No Transfer of Status
No customers shall transfer, or provide as security, their status of a registered customer of the Service, or their rights and obligations under the status, to or in favor of any third parties, without Human Made ltd prior written consent.